QuickBooks Error 6144

Currently, numerous druggies are getting QuickBooks error 6144 82 while trying to open the company train or restoring its backup in QuickBooks Desktop. The error law pops up on the computer screen with an error description, which reads, “ QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We’re sorry for the vexation.” Generally, it’s seen that such a company error arises when there’s some damage done to the company train. With this post, we will try our stylish to explain to you all the reasons that frequently prompt error 6144 82 alongside their troubleshooting results.

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What causes QuickBooks error law 6144 82?

As we’ve formerly mentioned over, QuickBooks error 6144 82 generally gets started when there’s some data corruption in the company train due to unidentified reasons.

What should you do to get relieve of QuickBooks error 6144 82?

Result 1) Run the QuickBooks Train Croaker tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub operation

1. At first, get the QuickBooks Tool Hub operation of the rearmost interpretation ( on the computer.

2. Click on the downloaded train namedQuickBooksToolHub.exe and follow the instructions you see on the screen to install it.

3. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub operation by double- clicking its icon.

4. From the left panel, elect the Company Train Issues tab.

5. Under the Fix My Company Train section, click on the Run Train Doctor Tool option.

6. Elect the Browse and search option to find the company train on the computer.

Note To pierce the company train, you need to navigate to the ensuing path C Druggies Public Public Documents Intuit QuickBooks Company Lines.

1. Choose the Check your train option and also click on the Continue button.

2. When urged, type the admin word of QuickBooks and also click on the Next button.

3. Once the tool completes the form, try to open the company train in QuickBooks Desktop.

Result 2) Use the Auto Data Recovery point of QuickBooks to recover the company train

1. At first, you need to produce a brochure with the name QBTest on the desktop.

2. Press Windows E keys contemporaneously to open the Train Explorer.

3. Access the brochure containing company lines by using the ensuing path

C Druggies Public Public Documents Intuit QuickBooks Company Lines.

4. Look for the brochure named QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery and open it.

5. From the brochure, copy the.TLG.adr and.QBW.adr lines and bury them to the QBTest brochure that you have created on the desktop.

6. Open the QBTest brochure, right- click the.TLG.adr train, and also choose the Rename option.

7. Remove. adr from the filename.

8. Also, remove. adr from the name of the.QBW.adr train.

9. Open the QuickBooks Desktop operation and also elect the Train menu.

10. Choose the Open or Restore Company option from the drop-down menu.

11. Elect the Open a company train option and also click on the Next button.

12. Now, choose the company train stored on the QBTest brochure and also click on the Open button.

13. Still, type the QuickBooks company train username and word, If urged.

Still, also there might be some issues with the QuickBooks Desktop operation, If QuickBooks error 6144 82 still occurs indeed after enforcing all the troubleshooting results mentioned in the post. Our recommendation for you is to modernize QuickBooks Desktop or reinstall it using the Clean Install tool. For fresh troubleshooting backing resolving the company train error, feel free to communicate our QuickBooks support platoon by telephoning number.

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